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'Sport Matters' Podcast: Brian Flores Sues the NFL

Why this matters

Brian Flores, former head coach at Miami Dolphins, has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and the 32 teams alleging racial discrimination in hiring practices. The allegations are far from new, but this is the first case brought forward and could set a major precedent for similar cases in sports moving forward.

On a special episode of Sport Matters, CEO of the Global Sport Institute Kenneth L. Shropshire and award-winning journalist William C. Rhoden of The Undefeated are joined by author and sports law professor N. Jeremi Duru of American University to discuss the breaking news of Brian Flores' lawsuit against the National Football League. The three break down the details from a legal perspective, examining where the case goes from here, and the precedent this could set for racial discrimination in the league and sports.

Check out the Global Sport Institute Field Study, NFL Head Coach Hiring and Pathways in the Rooney Rule Era, here.

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About the hosts:

Professor Kenneth L. Shropshire is CEO of the Global Sport Institute and the adidas Distinguished Professor of Global Sport at Arizona State University. He took on this current leadership role following a 30-year career as an endowed full professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

William C. Rhoden is a columnist and Editor-at-Large for The Undefeated, ESPN’s news site about sports, race, and culture. He is the curator of the Rhoden Fellows and is also the author of several books, including 40 Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete. Before joining The Undefeated, Rhoden wrote an award-winning sports column for the New York Times and appeared as a guest on ESPN’s Sports Reporters for nearly 30 years. Rhoden began his journalism career as a news reporter at the Baltimore Afro American Newspaper. He was a senior editor with Ebony Magazine and then a columnist and jazz critic for the Baltimore Sun. Rhoden attended Morgan State University in Baltimore where he majored in English.