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Amplifying the power of sport

  • By connecting people with research insights
  • By examining the impact on society
  • By providing context to sport globally

Global Sport Matters is the multimedia platform of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University. Our work features written, audio, video and visual content, supported by data and research, designed to be shared with a global audience. You can find academic studies originating from our research team at the Global Sport Institute under the ‘From Our Lab’ section

The world of sport is both rich in tradition and continuously evolving. Our goal is to share stories that highlight sport’s innate ties with culture, history, science, technology, business, politics, health, and the humanities. By using in-depth reporting and scholarly research to reinforce our work, we hope to create and cultivate informed discourse around sport.

Editorial decisions and content published by Global Sport Matters are directed by an internal team of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University.

If you would like to discuss our work, feel free to email globalsporteditor@asu.edu.

Global Sport Matters
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Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks


Kendall Jones

Kendall Jones

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Aidan Corrales

Aidan Corrales

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Work with us

Global Sport Matters seeks data-informed and research-driven insight into the world of sport. We welcome pitches for reported stories and columns, and also encourage submissions that extend into other areas of digital content including fiction, poetry, audio, visual and beyond. If you have an idea that meets at these intersections, we’d love to hear it!

Here’s how to pitch Global Sport Matters:

  • Read a sampling of GSM work to determine if your pitch is a good fit for our publication.
  • Check out the latest research on your idea, to see where the conversation is. Recent investigation into your topic doesn’t mean we can’t still publish a piece exploring it further, but we want to add something new to the conversation, so it’s best to be up-to-date.
  • Send us a clearly worded, thoroughly explained snapshot of the story you want to tell. Our work seeks to find characters and situations that personify or exemplify research and data in sport, and this is how your pitch should be written as well. Please include a news or research peg if you find one.
  • Explain how this story will broaden our understanding of sport and deepen our relationship with the games and events that happen day to day.
  • Even if you have a full draft written, please send only a 1-2 paragraph pitch to begin.
  • Explain your experience in the sport industry or your relationship to sport. Describe any relevant professional experience. A full CV is not necessary.

Send pitches to globalsporteditor@asu.edu and allow one to two weeks for response.

Contact Us:

Global Sport Matters

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