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Falling Off the Glass Cliff, Part Two

Why this matters

If opportunities to promote to leadership in sports aren't as plentiful for coaches of color and second chances are just as rare, how can sport leaders be the catalysts for change?

Guest host and producer Karen Given talks with award-winning sports writer Shalise Manza Young and Scott Brooks, Sociologist and Director of Research at Global Sport Institute, about the 'glass cliff' phenomenon across sports leagues and teams. The three look at the various ways the 'glass cliff' plays out in recent stories from David Culley to Mike Tomlin to Brian Flores and why the career pipeline for coaches of color to advance to leadership remains slim.

The 'glass cliff' refers to the tendency of organizations to place women or other marginalized individuals into leadership positions at periods of downturn or crisis, putting them at a higher risk of failure.

This is part two of the series. Listen to part one here.

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