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Around The World: COVID-19 & Sport

Around The World Conversation Series

Around The World: COVID-19 & Sport

The global impact of COVID-19 has put a collective pause on the world of sport as we know it, and these unprecedented times will have a far-reaching impact long after the virus subsides. With the NCAA canceling championships, leagues halting seasons, and Olympic athletes at the mercy of the growing pandemic, many questions linger. What impact has been felt thus far? And what should we brace ourselves for when sports make their eventual return? This global discussion shared perspectives from around the world and took place on Friday, April 3, 2020.

Global guests included Tracey Holmes (Australian Journalist and presenter on ABC News Radio), Andres Martinez (Arizona State University Professor of Practice & Journalist), Ilhaam Groenewald (Chief Director of Maties Sports at Stellenbosch University , S. Africa), James Skinner (Director for Sports Business at Loughborough University, London), Simon Chadwick (Director of Eurasian Sport at emlyon business school), and Steve Ross (Penn State).

Hosted by: Kenneth Shropshire, CEO of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University