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GSM Live: COVID-19 & Sport in Native American Communities (Audio)

Monthly Issue COVID-19 & Sport

Native American communities have been hit harder than others in the wake of the pandemic. The realities of lacking resources have been brought to the forefront during this time. Communities have been forced to cancel large gatherings, like most of the world, including the 2020 Native American Basketball Invitational, which has far-reaching impact for young people on and off the court. The games brought the community together as well as opportunities for higher education with college and job fairs.

On May 15, 2020 this episode of GSM Live's guests were Natalie Welch (Cherokee, The Creative Native), Brent Cahwee (Pawnee/Euchee NDNsports), Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel (SiouxMMIW and#RunningForJustice), and Dr. Michelle Tom (Navajo) who is currently treating COVID-19 patients at Winslow Indian Health Care Center and Little Colorado Medical Center on the border of Navajo Nations and Hopi Reservation in Eastern Arizona.

Guest Hosted by: Patty Talahongva (Hopi), Executive Producer of Indian Country TodayA journalist, documentary producer, news executive and was the first Native American anchor of a national news program in the United States. She is involved in Native American youth and community development projects.

This episode was produced in partnership with Indian Country Today.

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Monthly Issue

COVID-19 & Sport

COVID-19 is the rival no one in sport could game plan for. As many live events remain at a standstill and the world keeps adapting, how is sport resetting upon its staggered returns?