Global Sport Matters Podcast: COVID-19 Special Report

Global Sport Matters brings to you a special report on COVID-19 & its impact on sport. Hosted by Kenneth L. Shropshire and William C. Rhoden.

What do we know? ‘I don’t know.’

COVID-19 is the rival no one in sport could prepare for or can defeat yet. Since mid-March, professional sports leagues around the world have either canceled their seasons all together or postponed them indefinitely. Kenneth L. Shropshire, CEO of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University will be joined by award-winning columnist and Visiting Senior Practitioner for the Global Sport Institute, William C. Rhoden. In this episode Ken and Bill discuss the implications of this – from fan-less arenas to player eligibility.

They invite guests Traci Green (Head coach, Harvard Women’s Tennis), Ray Anderson (Athletic Director, Sun Devil Athletics), and Grant Fogerty (ASU Men’s Basketball player) to weigh in on these issues and share their personal experiences with canceled seasons, disappointed players, and how they plan move forward next year. Professor Jules Boykoff (Pacific University) also joins the show to discuss why he encouraged the cancelation of this summer’s Olympic games, and what that means for athletes and beyond.