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The Sport Journey: Share Your Story

Why this matters

An athlete's journey is unique and involves lots of ups, downs and turns along the way that are mostly unplanned. What can we learn from each other's journeys and how can we better support each other on the path through sport? We want to hear your voice and experience.

Monthly Issue The Athlete's Journey

Our September digital issue, The Athlete's Journey, explores the unique journey athletes take through sport. Whether someone plays at the professional level or amateur level, leaving sports can feel as though a piece of your identity is leaving too. How do we bridge the gap between athlete identity and post-sport identity?

We invite you to share your story. Below are our prompts to answer and easy instructions for recording your story.

What we're asking:

  • What sport did you or do you play and why?
  • Was there a moment when you knew you needed to change or transition out of playing sport?
  • Do you have physical reminders that you were an athlete? (i.e. runner’s knee, tennis elbow, obesity, shin splints, jumper’s knee, rotator cuff, etc.)
  • What piece of advice would you give your younger self as an athlete today?
  • Understanding sport matters because _____________.
    Say the full line and then answer after 'because' with your response


Note: This button will take you to an external page where you can record your voice and describe your experience with a coach or leader. By submitting a recording, your audio story could be featured on Global Sport Matters digital platforms including our website, podcast, and social media channels. See our prompts above.

Last time, we asked listeners and readers to tell us about a leader in sport who made an impact on their life. Check out the episode.

How to record your story:
Monthly Issue

The Athlete's Journey

If you are what you repeatedly do, what happens when you stop doing it?

The athlete's journey outside of competition is not often covered in media, nor considered all that much by fans. It can, however, be core to athletes’ lived experiences, impacting decisions on where to play, which business opportunities to take, how to take care of their physical and mental health and more.