Overhead view of coach and football team gathered in circle with hand together before football game
Overhead view of coach and football team gathered in circle with hand together before football game

Leadership In Sport: Share Your Story

Why this matters

Coaching and management generate culture in sport. The Global Sport Institute NCAA athletic director Field Study demonstrates how few women and people of Color are hired as ADs in the NCAA, and we want to hear from you about how a coach or leader in sport has impacted your life.

In the May Digital Issue and Field Study at Global Sport Matters, we seek to understand representation in sports administration as well as the impact it has on the culture and inclusivity of an institution. More specifically, we explore diversity in athletic departments and how athletic directors are hired in NCAA athletics. To that end, we would like to hear your stories of leadership and coaching in sport.

From youth sports to college athletics to pro competition, management is integral to a functional team. How has a coach or athletic director impacted you?

Last month, we asked listeners and readers to describe their experience following sport in a pandemic. Check out this example.

Below are our prompts for this month's theme.

What we're asking:

  • What is your connection to sport?
  • What leader has made an impact on you, your mental health, and experience in sport?
    A coach, athletic director, parents, someone else? Tell us who they are and the impact they had on you.
  • How did you see their leadership impact the culture and others around you?
  • Understanding sport matters because _____________.
    Say the full line and then answer after ‘because’ with your response


Note: This button will take you to an external page where you can record your voice and describe your experience with a coach or leader. By submitting a recording, your audio story could be featured on Global Sport Matters digital platforms including our website, podcast, and social media channels. See our prompts above.

How to record your story:
  1. Open the link above to record your responses.
    If on computer, scroll up to view the prompts on left side of screen. If on mobile, scroll up from bottom of screen.
  2. Hit the record button to begin. No need to state your name, just start talking.
  3. After you're finished recording, press the same button to stop and again to proceed to the next step.
  4. Add your name and email so we can let you know we received your story. (We won't share anything without your consent)
  5. Then hit the paper airplane icon to send and you're done!
Monthly Issue

The Administration of Change

Higher education is an environment ripe for discovery, new knowledge, and innovation. However, the role of Athletic Director at university levels still reflect the commonly seen disparities between representation of race, gender, experience, and perhaps most ironically - education level.

Beyond Black and White, what are the underlying factors for the still murky ‘pipeline’ to administrative leadership in U.S. college sport?