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Kenneth Shropshire and Dr. David Wall Rice 'Break It Down'


Kenneth Shropshire and Dr. David Wall Rice 'Break It Down'

Why this matters

The MLB All Star Game moving out of Atlanta after Georgia's voting law went into effect is the latest example of an upswell of sport-driven political and social changes in America.

In the latest 'Break It Down' segment on Arizona PBS, Global Sport Institute CEO Kenneth Shropshire talks with Dr. David Wall Rice of Morehouse College about Major League Baseball's decision to move the 2021 MLB All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver.

The decision to move the MLB All Star Game came after the Georgia state government passed a bill that activists say makes it harder to vote. The law limits weekend voting and food and drink handouts for those waiting in line; removes many ballot drop boxes; and enacts strict voter ID requirements.

The pair also touches on the function of sport in broader social movements and protest. They discuss how sport and protest together can be a way to eradicate "any ill that exists in the world."

"Sport is such a significant part of life and expression of identity," said Dr. Wall Rice, "that to not be able to express and outline the contours of what's happening in society without it taking place in sport, I think it is largely irresponsibile."

Watch the video above, or on our YouTube page here.