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GSM Live: COVID-19 & Sport in Latin America (Video)

Fan cheers on Brazilian professional football team wearing a Robson de Souza jersey.
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GSM Live: COVID-19 & Sport in Latin America (Video)

Monthly Issue COVID-19 & Sport

On March 14, 2020 football clubs across Brazil offered their stadiums and training facilities to emergency services. Fast forward to the end of May where parts of the world are reopening their economies and sport leagues are following suit, in South America, the latest shows the region as the new epicenter of COVID-19. On this episode, we look at what reset means in Latin America amidst rising cases, the culture of sport and the role it plays in every day life, as well as what’s next for athletes and communities alike.

On May 29, 2020 this episode of GSM Live's guests were Julio Ricardo Varela (Journalist, Senior Executive for Futuro Media, Co-Host of In The Thick), Victor Ocando (International Sports Lawyer, Lecturer, and external Legal Counsel for soccer clubs and agents in Venezuela, South America and Europe),  Brenda Elsey (Associate Professor of History at Hofstra University and Co-Host of Burn It All Down), and Carla Bustamante (Communication Director, Naranjeros de Hermosillo Baseball Club).

Hosted By: Andrew Ramsammy, Director of Digital Content for Global Sport Matters and Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University.

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Global Sport Matters Live is a conversation series presented by Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University and Global Sport Matters. Diverse thought leaders and experts will come together virtually to give their perspective on the most relevant issues impacting sport. From their corner of the globe, a rotation of guests will discuss what they’re facing locally, take questions and ideas from a virtual audience, and share solutions that improve the world of sport.

Monthly Issue

COVID-19 & Sport

COVID-19 is the rival no one in sport could game plan for. As many live events remain at a standstill and the world keeps adapting, how is sport resetting upon its staggered returns?