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'Sports Professors' Podcast: The Price of Athlete Freedom

Why this matters

Branching off of the wild, wild west of NIL (name, image & likeness), with this new constitution college athletes may have more of a voice in the administration of college athletics.

This week on the show, a look into how college athletes will be granted more autonomy via the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Professors Kenneth L. Shropshire from Arizona State's Global Sport Institute and Scott Rosner from Columbia University discuss the new NCAA constitution, the power shift to bigger conferences, and the role of athletics in higher education.

'Sports Professors' is a bimonthly production of the Global Sport Matters Podcast, where professors Kenneth Shropshire and Scott Rosner discuss the 101 on what happened in sports business. Each episode gives you a quick recap of the past week in sports, before diving deeper into a bigger topic to look at what's happening and why it matters.

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About the hosts:
Kenneth L. Shropshire | Chief Executive Officer for the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University
Professor Shropshire is CEO of the Global Sport Institute and the Adidas Distinguished Professor of Global Sport at Arizona State University. He took on this current leadership role following a 30-year career as an endowed full professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Click here for more.

Scott Rosner | Professor of Professional Practice; Academic Director, M.S. in Sports Management Program, School of Professional Studies
As Academic Director of the Master of Science in Sports Management program, Scott Rosner leads all programmatic and curricular development efforts, creates professional development opportunities for students, and manages all strategic planning efforts for the program, including marketing, enrollment, student life, and alumni affairs. Rosner is also a Professor of Professional Practice, teaching graduate-level courses in the discipline of Sports Management. Click here for more.