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Podcast: Helping athletes make the transition once the games are over

With the end of the 2019 NCAA tournaments, athletes have to make the transition either to a pro career or "real life." How they make that move and how they ready themselves can be a key for their future.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

After two thrilling 2019 NCAA Tournament final games, what's next for the men and women completing their collegiate athletic careers? How do they make that transition from regimented and structured life of an athlete to the "real world?"

Kenneth Shropshire is joined by Dr. Scott Brooks in this special episode of Why Sport Matters with Kenneth Shropshire.  Both were collegiate athletes themselves and had to make that transition too.

Male and female basketball players — especially those who completed their collegiate career — are now going through the transition phase. When they were younger, their lives were managed by their parents or coaches.

But now that they may be moving to a pro career or into the career they were studying for in college, they need to learn to be themselves, manage their own time and life and adjust to answering to a boss.