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"Black Coaches are evaluated collectively. White coaches are evaluated individually."

Dr. Fitz Hill talks about his experience as head coach of football where the boosters and donors were mostly, if not all, White. Being the first at something may not always mean you are automatically welcomed because you've 'made it', in fact it may be the opposite. For Fitz Hill, as he worked his way to becoming head coach, there weren't many others he could turn to for guidance. The desire to reach the top came with a price. Hill observed that if you were Black you would be evaluated collectively against the few other Black coaches, where as White coaches were seen individually.

Dr. Fitz Hill is the executive director at Scott For Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development & Foundation at Arkansas Baptist College. Dr. Hill is a former American football player  at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and later served as the head football coach at San Jose State University from 2001 to 2004. He then went on to serve as the president of Arkansas Baptist College from 2006 to 2016. Bridging both his experience and research, Dr. Hill published, Crackback! How College Football Blindsides the Hopes of Black Coaches.

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