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ICYMI: Allegations against Ronaldo, watch your eye on the course and racial slurs not tolerated

We all experience that feeling that the week can sometimes get away from you. News happens so quickly that it might feel like you don’t have a chance to know what is going on in the world. Each week, GlobalSport Matters will compile some of the best of the other stories in the sporting news.  These stories will include new breakthroughs in sport science, information about changing technology and just good reads about the global sporting community. Have a story you’d like us to know about and share? Let us know.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Nike contract at risk following rape allegation

Cristiano Ronaldo's lucrative advertising contract with Nike could be at risk after the sportswear giant said it was "deeply concerned" by a rape allegation against the footballer.  The U.S. sportswear giant's contract with the player is reported to be in the region of $1 billion

Ryder Cup spectator 'loses sight' after golf ball strike

A wayward golf ball hit by U.S. golfer Brooks Koepka struck spectator Corine Remande causing her to be blind in one eye. Medical scans showed a fractured right eye socket and an "explosion of the eyeball." Remande is looking at legal action to cover her medical bills.

NCAA looks to address lack of women coaching women's sports

The NCAA does not have what the NFL has implemented called the "Rooney Rule," which means that all coaching candidates must be offered an interview regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Despite higher participation numbers among women in college sports, the coaching jobs in those sports often go to men. The NCAA report also found more men than women are serving as assistant coaches in women’s sports.

Athletes across the spectrum slam sports for going 'soft'

Much of the news and press regarding football is how to make it safer for its participants and how to lower the chances of brain injury. This article focuses on the athlete’s perspective when it comes to making rule changes that make the game "softer." There are many implications, especially in football, to changing the violent and physical aspect of the game, including the final product being put forth on the field. Roughing the passer penalties in the NFL this year has especially gotten defensive players of the past angry about making the game less physical.

IOC promotes role of sport to advance human rights

The IOC is using sport to advance human rights at the next UN Social Forum 2018 under the banner of “Using sport and the Olympic ideal to promote human rights for all and to strengthen universal respect for them.” The Un talked about the importance of sports in promoting equality and social inclusion, specifically through the Olympic games. Also, he made sure to include their stance on gender equality, and non-discrimination.

Georgia baseball player dismissed from Bulldogs for allegedly shouting racial slurs at a football game

A Georgia baseball player was dismissed for shouting racial slurs at a football game against Tennessee. Adam Sasser was one of the strongest players for the Georgia baseball team before shouting the slurs at backup quarterback Justin Fields. The baseball team swiftly dismissed him after an investigation done by the school.

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