Aluko’s stand against racism put her on sidelines for World Cup

While racist incidents from fans is the focus in world football, England's women's national team manager lost his job because of his racist comments

British-Asian footballers treated differently than predecessors researcher says

The racialization of British Asian footballers takes the wrong approach a Brighton researcher says

One race epitomized the fight against athlete doping

Racing clean took on new meaning for the 1976 U.S. women's swim team against the East Germans

Activist says Native American mascot depictions impact children

Activist says sports mascots that depict Native Americans and their culture can negatively affect native communities and their children

Troy Vincent wants to end domestic violence

NFL VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent made it his goal to eliminate domestic violence not only in the league, but as a society

GSM mini documentary: Jerry Chambers turned Final Four MOP award into lifetime of helping others

Winning the Most Outstanding Player award in the 1966 NCAA Tournament was the starting point in a life spent helping youth for Jerry Chambers

GSM mini documentary: Soccer Without Borders builds bridges for refugee children

Sport can bring a sense of normalcy to children exposed to 'traumatic journeys'

Innovative device can help you overcome the yips

A simple device may soon make experiencing panic on the athletic field a thing of the past

GSM mini documentary: The race to create the safest football helmet

Creating a safer helmet is not a pipe dream. Soon your football player may have a better way to protect the brain

GSM mini documentary: Wind and waves are the ultimate proving ground for adventurers

One of the most challenging sporting achievements is also one of the most solitary team efforts around

Global impact of 1968 Summer Games protests: TV UNAM

The 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics gave athletes a voice that resonates globally today


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