A year to remember: 1968 was momentous for civil, social rights and athlete activism

To understand the importance of Tommie Smith and John Carlos' protest, the year 1968 must be understood

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When Trump built a golf course in Scotland, critics complained about the environmental impacts

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More drug tests should deter usage but the risk-reward benefit for using is too strong for minor league baseball players

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If you were put in charge of one of the most popular sports on the planet, what would you do?

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NASCAR stock cars have always been leading edge in technology and now some garages are embracing using 3D printing to get faster

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Less contact, more exhibition games are all possibilities as the NFL and players association consider their next agreement

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Scientists know how a single gene can impact athletic performance but what about specific editing of genes?

Video: How can the NFL better monitor potential CTE?

Testing players early and often will help the NFL better monitor head injuries former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe says

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Two years from the start of the next Summer Olympics, IOC's Anita DeFrantz discusses Los Angeles, Paris and the bidding process

Video: Love of sport, helping others brought Rola Allahaweh back from near death

Sport became a way for Rola Allahaweh to inspire wounded warriors that they could be independent again


We throw a hammer on one day in order to understand why we do not on all others. - Alberto Rios