Podcast: Nancy Hogshead-Makar working toward a safe, equitable sports world

Former gold medalist wants to reform the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Podcast: History-making NFL broadcast natural progression for Andrea Kremer

Barrier-breaker says 'If not us, then who?' when describing her role with Amazon Prime Video's NFL broadcasts

Podcast: Montaño’s outrage over Nike ad pushed changes for pregnant athletes

Her #DreamMaternity parody spotlighted how sponsors penalize pregnant athletes

Podcast: Traumatic brain injury beginning of Jack Rutter 2.0

Premier League career gone, footballer finds new outlet with parafootball league

Podcast: Why young female athletes are more susceptible to ACL injuries

Are leg injuries in soccer, lacrosse and basketball the latest comparison for Tommy John surgeries in baseball players' arms?

Podcast: The complicated space of Muslim women athletes

For Arabic Muslim women worldwide there are increased obstacles to sport participation when the issue family and cultural influences arise

Podcast: Helping athletes make the transition once the games are over

Making the mental move to transitioning from being an athlete to a pro career or "real life" can be a difficult process for student-athletes

Podcast: When coaching crosses the line

Whether student-athletes are coached by parents or legends like Tom Izzo, what parameters should be in place?

Podcast: What the ‘Varsity Blues’ indictments, Wilken decision say about NCAA sports

What do "Aunt Becky," the NCAA and the defending World Cup champion U.S. women's national team have in common?

Podcast: The USWNT lawsuit a big step for pay equality

The lawsuit filed by the U.S. women's national soccer team shines a light on the pay disparity between the men's and women's teams

Podcast: Coming out at Missouri felt safe for Michael Sam

Former football player Michael Sam, who came out publicly as gay while in college, spoke with Dr. Scott Brooks about the experience

Podcast: How does NCAA’s amateurism rules impact a player like Zion Williamson?

What is this thing called amateurism that the NCAA promotes and how does it impact any discussion about a basketball player like Zion Williamson?


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