Podcast: Making lifelong sport participants

When Americans think of athletes they don't often consider that title a lifelong pursuit, but in Europe a different image appears

Podcast: Who wins now that the court has legalized sports betting in the U.S.?

Legalized sports betting in the U.S. can mean big money - but who stands to gain?

Podcast: Should your child go to a basketball academy?

Sport-specific powerhouse high schools claim to be a road to the pros, but is it best for your child?

Podcast: Researcher to study impact of sex reassignment on athletes

An Arizona State University researcher will examine what happens to athletic performance when an athlete under goes sex reassignment

Podcast: Starbucks and the Rooney Rule

The recent arrests of 2 African-American men at Starbucks shows why a Rooney Rule should be considered for businesses

Podcast: Can your child make it to the NBA?

Everyone sees potential in their child but what does it take to reach the pinnacle of a sport?

Podcast: Journalist David Epstein on genetics and sport

Best-selling author David Epstein joins Kenneth Shropshire to discuss the role genetics and evolution have on sports performance

Podcast: Why fan support matters

Women's sports don't receive the same amount of fan support as men's but what can be done to improve that?

Podcast: Sport for peace and development

Worldwide sport can be a powerful tool for peace and development

Podcast: Why Sport Matters with Kenneth Shropshire

Please join our new weekly podcast where we examine the nexus of sport and society


So much of sport occurs the day after the game. - Alberto Rios