GSM Live 05/22/2020: In Full View – Race, Sport & Privilege

Athletes from around the country have now added their names to a letter demanding that the US Attorney General investigate the death and police handling of Arbery's case, which took over two months to see Gregory and Travis McMichael, the two main suspects, arrested. Is this a new moment in athlete activism?

GSM Live 05/15/2020: COVID-19 & Sport in Native American Communities

This week’s guests were Natalie Welch, Brent Cahwee, Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel, and Dr. Michelle Tom who is currently treating COVID-19 patients at Winslow Indian Health Care Center and Little Colorado Medical Center on the border of Navajo Nations and Hopi Reservation in Eastern Arizona.

Global Sport Matters Podcast: After the Draft, Optics & Opportunities

During the the virtual NFL draft team owners, coaches and players shared their homes and loved ones with the world for three days. Ken and Bill discuss the picks, the optics, and how the NFL and other pro sports leagues might work with women in the future.

GSM Live 05/01/2020: COVID-19 & the Reset of Sport

The global impact of COVID-19 has put a collective pause on the world of sport as we know it, and these unprecedented times will have a far-reaching impact long after the virus subsides.

Global Sport Matters Podcast: What happens after Draft Night?

In this episode Ken Shropshire and Bill Rhoden discuss the implications of COVID-19 on sport - from fan-less arenas to player eligibility.

Global Sport Matters Podcast: COVID-19 Special Report

In this episode Ken Shropshire and Bill Rhoden discuss the implications of COVID-19 on sport - from fan-less arenas to player eligibility.

Podcast: Nancy Hogshead-Makar working toward a safe, equitable sports world

Former gold medalist wants to reform the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Podcast: History-making NFL broadcast natural progression for Andrea Kremer

Barrier-breaker says 'If not us, then who?' when describing her role with Amazon Prime Video's NFL broadcasts

Podcast: Montaño’s outrage over Nike ad pushed changes for pregnant athletes

Her #DreamMaternity parody spotlighted how sponsors penalize pregnant athletes

Podcast: Traumatic brain injury beginning of Jack Rutter 2.0

Premier League career gone, footballer finds new outlet with parafootball league

Podcast: Why young female athletes are more susceptible to ACL injuries

Are leg injuries in soccer, lacrosse and basketball the latest comparison for Tommy John surgeries in baseball players' arms?

Podcast: The complicated space of Muslim women athletes

For Arabic Muslim women worldwide there are increased obstacles to sport participation when the issue family and cultural influences arise


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