Podcast: How 1 company uses jump tests to help athletes, military members get healthy

One company is using a jump test to make recovering from injury easier

Podcast: Frank Robinson leaves a legacy as difference maker

Frank Robinson was more than a MLB trailblazer, he was emphatic about making a difference for the players who came after him

Podcast: Athlete superstitions can have a helpful role

From rally caps to "lucky" socks, superstitions and rituals can help athletes feel they have an edge and to focus before they take the field

Podcast: Why adding yoga to training can make athletes better

Adding yoga to an athlete's training does more than strengthen the core - it can help aid injury prevention as well as mental focus

Podcast: 50 years after taking a stand for human rights, Olympic legends continue the fight

A special presentation of a panel from Mexico City with Olympic legends John Carlos, Wyomia Tyus and social justice advocate Chris Kluwe

Podcast: As progress is made on diversity in sport, the discussion shifts to transformation

Diversity and inclusion discussions are now shifting to transformation in sport in South Africa and the U.S.

Podcast: All testosterone levels are not equal in deciding male, female athletes

When the IAAF issued a ruling regarding testosterone levels in female middle distance runners questions about sex segregation in competition arose

Podcast: Global approach, end goal of collegiate athletics varies

While universities worldwide have athletic programs the ultimate goal can be very different from the goal for many U.S. athletes

Podcast: What constitutes a performance-enhancing drug or treatment?

Boundaries are continually pushed on what is breakthrough medical treatment vs performance enhancing when it comes to athlete injury treatment

Podcast: Social media’s powerful impact on athletes

When athletes post inappropriate content to social media the impact can be magnified for them

Podcast: Pitch In For Baseball aims to bring the game’s gear to kids everywhere

When kids around the world want to play baseball or softball but don't have the equipment, Pitch In For Baseball helps

Podcast: Making lifelong sport participants

When Americans think of athletes they don't often consider that title a lifelong pursuit, but in Europe a different image appears


Muhammed Ali actually fought only one fight, but it lasted his whole life. - Alberto Rios